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ARTEMIS provides an instant and powerful sales network for a select few Cyber Solution Providers who answer a real need in the marketplace, are a leader in their solution vertical, and have a measurable report of some kind showing what they do and what they protect our clients from.

ARTEMIS Cyber Solution Partners benefit from ARTEMIS helping them establish or expand their brand footprint as quickly as possible, in a talent scarce environment, with no addition to their overhead.

ARTEMIS clients benefit from cutting edge technology and services that – improve cybersecurity, cyber efficiency, productivity and/or privacy compliance – are proven, award winning, and evidential – help our clients sleep better at night

Cyber consulting / service solutions



Cyber Solution Partner — The Arkin Group

Jack Devine and The Arkin Group (TAG)
Cybersecurity Team:

The TAG cyber preparedness package starts with a cyber audit that assesses program and system vulnerabilities and provides a detailed set of remedial recommendations. In addition, we use penetration tests and white-hat hacking to appraise the quality of company’s protection. Depending on revealed vulnerabilities, we propose a proven cybersecurity solution that companies may choose to adopt. In concert with the IT security staff, we would assist companies in developing a tailored cyber security plan that can evolve to ensure companies remain protected. As appropriate, TAG also recommends User Activity Monitoring as a way to ensure companies stay abreast of ongoing threats that employees might expose them to.

Our strategic partnership with Jack Devine and The Arkin Group (TAG) is the highly trusted, experienced and discrete base of our cyber security operations.

Jack Devine is a key member of the ARTEMIS CYBER team and Board. Devine was previously head of operations for the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”).

Devine is a founding partner of The Arkin Group LLC and author of NY Times Bestseller Good Hunting – An American Spymaster’s Story

Devine serves on Kohl’s Cybersecurity Advisory Group. He previously served on SAP National Security Services (NS2) Advisory Board, the CyberCore Advisory Board, and the Secretary of Navy’s Advisory Board.

The Arkin Group provides ARTEMIS CYBER clients with world class consultants in traditional cybersecurity analysis, auditing and troubleshooting.

The Arkin Group also specializes in international crisis management, strategic intelligence, investigative research and business intellectual property theft.

Devine is the recipient of the CIA’s Distinguished Intelligence Medal and several meritoious awards. He is a recognized expert in Intelligence matters and has written OP-Ed articles for The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Foreign Affairs Magazine, The World Policy Journal, Politico and The Atlantic Monthly. He has also made guest appearences on National Press Club, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, CSPAN, Bloomberg News as well as the History and Discovery channels, PBS, NPR and ABC Radio.

Cyber Solution Partner — TAG & WGM

Cyber Solution Partner — TAG & WGM

Decades of experience in Federal Law Enforcement, National Security and working with the U.S. Military give our teams a unique perspective and invaluable capabilities in Cyber and Physical Security.

Using expert tools to aggressively probe and test your environment, our security teams will develop a business context; inventory your assets; and identify potential threats and vulnerabilities to develop risk profiles and evaluate your organization’s security readiness and capabilities.

With a focus on immediately remediating known vulnerabilities, TAG & WGM can formulate security strategies, plans, controls, training, schedules and required actions. Using technology to ensure consistency, our teams will also create and document plans, policies and procedures, while constantly monitoring; testing; and developing actionable intelligence to identify new potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Acting on the intelligence collected, our expert security teams will investigate incidents and respond accordingly — capturing, analyzing and resolving breached data security. Remediating, testing and documenting eradication of identified issues allows us to dynamically shift the security strategy, while developing new intelligence based on experience.

Cyber Solution Partner — WGM Security & Technology Services

WGM Security & Technology Services:

WGM is a full service IT and cybersecurity provider that offers everything a small to mid-sized company needs to outsource its IT and cybersecurity – from malware protection to cybersecurity compliance to a proprietary Network Security Evaluation program called Packetwatch. WGM can provide cyber compliance and risk assessment, PEN testing and vulnerability management, DR, digital forensics and more – all with an eye on cyber efficiency and bottom line accountability.

30-Day Network Security Evaluation

A written report and executive summary of findings and our expert analysis of data collected over a 30 day period.

Actionable Recommendations to improve your information security program to targeted levels

An on-site presentation to management covering our findings and recommendations and to answer questions related to the engagement

Why WGM?

Experience: Garnered from federal law enforcement, national security and intelligence organizations

Platform: WGM’s proprietary PacketWatch platform leverages proven surveillance technologies

Results: Unmatched network visibility and actionable recommendations


Big Data Capture and Machine Learning Platform for Security:

Packetwatch automates the collection, analysis and discovery of anomalies and suspicious behaviors using a combination of reinforced machine learning, artificial intelligence and expert human analysis skilled in the tools, techniques and procedures that sophisticated internal and external adversaries use to avoid control systems. By continually learning, the platform adapts and understands the changing environment while reducing noise and flase alerts. Identified threats are investigated by trained experts.

PacketWatch Results

Identified vendor cafeteria kiosk had been compromised with zero-day malware and was transmitting employee credit card data to foreign adversary. Kiosk had not been properly segmented according to policy.

Detected a non-signature IOC and expert analysis hunted external threat actor attempting to remotely access sensitive SCADA control network, Contained threat, captured forensic data for use in attribution and provided remediation recommendations.

Detected anomalous DNS behavior and non-signature IOCs indicating active compromise. Located compromised end-point and determined it was recently added to network outside of policy by unauthorized personnel.

Captured unencrypted PCI data traversing network segments missed by recent PCI QSA Auditors. Provided detailed data to internal teams to track down offending processes and then monitored to ensure process had been corrected and risk eliminated.

Cyber Solution Partner — ERI


ERI is the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States. ERI is certified to de-manufacture, recycle, and refurbish every type of electronic device in an environmentally responsible manner. ERI has the capacity to process more than a billion pounds of electronic waste annually at its eight certified locations, serving every zip code in the United States. ERI’s mission is to safeguard organizations, people and the environment. ERI has also strategically established an international partner network in 46 countries, totaling 100 vetted and certified facilities, to provide global service coverage for our clients.

E-waste Solutions

We are able to handle any volume of electronic devices – from a single smartphone to millions of pounds worth of gadgets – thanks to our industry-leading technology.

IT Asset

Disposition (ITAD)

Whether it is recycling, remarketing, or destroying, ERI can help you dispose of your IT Asset equipment and other electronics & maximize resale value.

E-waste Solutions

With 8 facilities servicing every zip code in the US & International partners around the globe, we don’t view ourseleves as one of the solutions to e-waste, we view ourselves as the only solution.

E-waste Solutions

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, consumers and more for over 10 years, ERI offers 100 percent guaranteed data destruction.

Our Clients Include:

ERI provides four levels of data destruction:

Standard Compliance – This level of data destruction entails registration and serialization of data bearing assets and data sanitization in accordance with NIST 800-88 or physical destruction.

Enhanced Compliance – Data destruction may be accomplished by physical or software means (or both) either onsite or at an ERI facility with full security chain of custody including TSA certified drivers, lock boxes, and optional video verification of data destruction in accordance with NAID certification required procedures.

High-Security Services High security services at our facilities include dedicated destruction loads for data bearing assets escorted by the client and processed under observation by verified U.S. citizens, witnessed and signed off by the client.

Demilitarization Services – Generally reserved for government contractors and agencies, demilitarization services are similar to high security services with the addition that no non-essential personnel will be within the processing area and no other lines or activities are authorized while processing the client’s assets.

ERI’s Proprietary Reporting & Tracking

ERI has the industry’s best proprietary software, TrackTech, providing 100% transparency into the entire ITAD & recycling process:

Cyber Solution Partner — DINOCRATES

Dinocrates Group:

The Dinocrates Group provides a key strategic partnership that enables ARTEMIS CYBER to be a 360 degree cybersecurity consulting advisor – adding cyber consulting expertise in risk, privacy and compliance, systems & enterprise architecture, cloud structure and migration, data analytics, and software implementation, to our significant sales network in the USA and beyond.

Dinocrates also provides advisory services in business strategy, operational excellence, technology, transformation; Federal & State Government contract planning & execution and CIO Advisory services for their own client base and Artemis Cyber Network clients.


Customers & Teaming Partners

Dinocrates provides a combination of deep experience and wide scope of customized solutions. Our recognized leadership in strategy & technology advisory reflects on our ability to build long term relationships with both our customers and trusted teaming partners. Below is a sample of customers and partners since Dinocrates founding in 2014.

Cyber Solution Partner — MDS

Maureen Data Systems (MDS):

How do you know if you are subject to and compliant with two of the most recent and powerful privacy regulations – GDPR and 23 NYCRR 500? Due to MDS being based in NYC, they are fully versed in both these severe and important compliance regulations and can be there for you from assessment to 3rd party verification of compliance – and help you avoid penalties of 20 million Euros or 4% of gross revenue!

Government compliance should boost your organizational security, not burden it. The compliance experts at Maureen Data Systems breakdown compliance requirement into actionable steps, to ensure you not only meet the required standards, but improve your overal security in the process.

Learn everything you need to know about the new Department of Financial Services Regulation (23 NYCRR 500) and the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure your organization is compliant before the upcoming deadline.


Imagine Technology Group (ITG):

ITG provides ARTEMIS CYBER with an award-winning expert in document management solutions. This specialty is in high demand and enables us to join them up with our other strategic sales partners to bid on significant government and commercial RFPs together, as well as wrapping GLASSWALL into their existing solutions as a competitive advantage for hospitals, colleges, law firms and more.

ITG has been doing business in America since 2011 with a team that has worked together for over two decades.

ITG is an award winning, woman owned company that has its roots in the copier/printer industry, however now offers industry leading digital document management, office automation managed cloud and document security services.

Hard Cost Savings

It begins with a holistic review of all your document management needs to determine where we can save you money. ITG can typically find an average cost savings of 33% via efficiencies gained from improved document management services — when we assist in transitioning from physical to digital document management.

Time and Resource Savings

The average employee spends over 50% of their day leveraging records or documents. It is not hard to see that gaining efficiency in managing this information can have a massive impact on an organization’s success, regardless of whether the document is in a physical or electronic format.

ITG’s document management implementations help to simplify access to documents and information so that employees spend less time searching and more time executing.

Platform Partners

We work with several partners for document management solutions. Based on the customer’s unique needs, we align specific solutions sets to achieve identified objectives. This relieves us from having to force customers to adopt a solution which is at odds with the organizational need.

·  Document Management for digital and paper files
·  Capture & Automation
·  Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Models
·  Password Protected Documents
·  Malware sanitization of all archived and incoming files and email attachment documents to avoid any unnecessary downtime due to clicking on infected files.

Happy Clients

ITG offers several technologies and business services. However, Enterprise Content Management is our key focus area of expertise. Having installed enterprise-class ECM systems for Fortune 500 firms and medium-sized organizations. Our premier implementations have included great companies such as:

Cyber Solution Partner — TB CONSULTING

TB Consulting (TBC):

For over 20 years, TBC has been a top choice as a trusted security resource to contact when facing an audit, or regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, GDPR, or PII. TBC’s extensive efforts around advancing industry leading Penetration testing, Disaster Recovery, and Executive level presentations has made TBC a top choice when creating a proactive approach to managing cyber security risk.

“TB Consulting has partnered with Saddleback to address challenges and think ahead throughout challenges and think ahead throughout very high growth. They have helped us drive specific revenue opportunities”
– Ray Napoletano, BD Manager

“TriWest has worked with a number of large IT providers with a national footprint and have found the TBC relationship to yield improved service, better solutions, sensible pricing. TB Consulting has consistently demonstrated being a true partner to TriWest.”
– Rick Green, CIO

Penetration Testing

  • Scoping of the External footprint
  • Expert Identification of exploitable
  • Immediate notification of critical
  • Detailed final report
    • Describe exploit we attempted
      with results
    • Suggest Remediation steps
  • Live teleconference with Security

Vulnerability Management

  • Monthly scans of the IT environment
  • Trending analysis of vulnerability
  • Most vulnerable systems highlighted
  • Rank stacked list of recommended
  • Continous security improvement

SIEM/NIDS Management

  • 24/7 Operations Center 24/7 Operations Center
  • Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
    • Packet inspection
  • Security Incident Event Monitoring (SIEM)
    • Log inspection
  • Alerting and Escalation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Remediation Recommendations
    • Live teleconference with Security
    • Analyst/Engineer

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Nutanix Services Partner
  • Partner, Public, and Hybrid, CLoud
  • Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

More than 80% of companies who suffer a disaster can expect to go out of business within 18 months as a consequence. -Survive

TBC’s Data-Management-as-a-Service enables clients to effectively prepare for and respond to incidents and events through comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans. Our solution provides the ability to reduce SLA’s down to an industry leading 10 minute Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives for mission critical applications and databases, by utilizing enterprise grade tools for underserved mid-market companies.

Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS


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